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Thread: Opinion: How picky are you on computer cases?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ngtwolf View Post
    How did you wind up here since I'm pretty sure 2010 PC's aren't considered vintage by anyone. . Heck, my "main PC" is technically the latest and greatest from... 2012.
    I like to collect with nostalgia before it's considered classic or vintage!

    I do like older stuff too, as far back as the 486. But I enjoy newer systems more nowadays. I graduated from slow stuff like Pentium III's and now I love being free of the limits of slow hardware by having my XP/2000 systems flying on the newer AM2-AM3+ hardware. Now that's a dream PC!

    Same idea with having Windows 95 on a K6-2 500 or an Athlon K7... It's a screamer! Total hot rod PC!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    But then, it was the sixties. Avocado kitchen appliances, burnt-orange shag carpeting...
    Lets hope the Avocado or lemon colored appliances don't make a comeback. I prefer black in lots of things (especially over white) as it doesn't always look dirty.

    That said, my 'master bathroom' was originally painted this somewhat ugly green color. I considered repainting it but since I absolutely hate painting more then the color green so I got some forest green towels and called it a day.
    -- Brian

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