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Thread: Windows 1.0 - found installation disks and am selling

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    Default Windows 1.0 - found installation disks and am selling

    I am currently listing the following on eBay

    Microsoft Windows 1.0 5 1/4" & 3.5" full install
    Borland Paradox 5 1/4" full install
    MS-DOS 5.0. 5 1/4" full install

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    Um, that looks like Windows 3.0 to me.

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    Definitely 3.x. Windows 1.0 came on 4x 5.25" 360K floppies plus an optional OEM specific disk and was never shipped on 3.5" AFAIK. If it did, it would only take 2x 720K. The logo is all wrong for 1.x as well.

    His MS-DOS 5.0 listing has the same logo. Win 1.x was released in 1985. MS-DOS 5.0 not until 1991. Seems obvious to me.
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    Yep Win 3.00 on 1.2Mb i have a set of the same disc's in retail box


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