I am looking for clear photos of the HP 13270-60003 cable and terminations (card edge connector & hood).

The HP 13270-60003 cable (1.2m) was used to connect HP 264x terminals to its 5.25” floppy drive (HP 13272A Flexible Disk System). The Cable’s Connector is a 40-pin Card Edge Connector, like the 3M 3464 with Slotted Mounting Flange.

The protective hood over this Card Edge Connector and 40 conductor cable appears to have been fabricated by Stanford Applied Engineering (SAE), now SAE Global.

As noted in HP manuals and by “gslick” here on VCF in November 2017 ,

13270-60003 , CONTROLLER Cable, 1.2m length
13270-60004 , NEXT DRIVE Cable, 0.7m
13270-60005 , T-BLOCK
Permits Daisy Chaining? Shifts First Drive Output, pins 1 & 3 to Second Drive Input, pins 2 & 4

Reference Documents:

HP 13272A Flexible Disk System (13255-91223/27) used with HP 264x terminals

HP 9130K Service Manual (09130-90030) used with HP 86A computers.