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Thread: How Sharp is it???

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    Default How Sharp is it???

    Is there any intrest in a Sharp PC 7000??? Turns on & works kinda, says it can't find the Boot Sector. I have the original Dos 2.1 floppy which I can read from here so, I'm not sure what is wrong???

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    Are you asking for help or are you trying to sell it? Is it a PC clone? If so, it doesn't belong in the 'Other' category.

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    It's an 8086 based luggable. Rather nifty machine, actually. On of Sharp's early ventures into "industry standard" architecture, if I recall. Sharp actually sold some of these to their ECR products dealers to take out on site for ECR programming and maintenance. Heavy buggers, I believe, and prone to problems with the flat panel display...
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    From what I've read on this board in the past (do a search), the drives also tend to be flakey. That may be why yours isn't reading the disks?

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