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Thread: Mac Classic Analog Board - Low Voltage Problems

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    I find this very worrying. I am going to verify this with an experiment. If I can replicate it I'll probably use less WD-40. I may not have noticed it as I have not often applied it to anything that is bare steel in contact with brass. Roughly how long did it take to observe this effect ? It could be bad in cases where an IC pin has had the rust cleaned off it to bare steel and there is a phosphor bronze spring contact in the socket.
    I can't say how long it takes as I buy these clocks at garage sales. When I see a clock the looks to have that waxy wd-40 look, I ask if they had used wd-40. I would suspect at least 6 months. It takes about that long for these clocks to stop running after the wd-40 dries out. I set my price expectations based on that. I find that about the only thing that cleans wd-40 off is more wd-40. I can then use regular solvents to remove it. I repolish the pivots anyway as most people don't know how to service these old windup clocks anyway.

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    Ok, I have started an experiment. I couldn't find any bare steel nuts, so I got some zinc plated ones and filed off the plating. I put two on a brass plate and treated one with WD-40, the other is a control. I have put this outside in a rain protected area, but there is quite a bit of salt air here close to the coast and bare steel rusts asap. Now it is a matter of waiting to see what happens.
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