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Thread: Intel needs to fix their RMA site

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    Call them out on Twitter? Apparently, it's one of the best ways to fix any issue with bad customer service these days!

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    Maybe a good tactic, as it seems as if the larger companies won't care that much if you're put on hold for a few hours, or never reply to your emails. May as well try the Twitter thing, as at least that hurts their image a bit.

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    Another thing that bothers me, and maybe I'm being unreasonable, is that I purchased these 3 years ago, and when the first couple failed about 8 months in, Intel had already declared them EOL and had nothing comparable to replace with. That's well and good for a consumer drive, but for a data center/server class drive, if you're using them in an array or something, you kind of want to know like units will be available for replacement purposes, rather than a cheque with a 'good luck' letter attached. Doesn't instil confidence.

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    I'm starting to wonder if SSD's are all that great. I keep hearing reports of them failing. Even new ones with significant errors.

    On one of my old 2004 vintage computers uses a WD Caviar blue 320 GB HDD. The thing is that is has been running solidly every day since 2004, nearly every day of the year and still performs flawlessly. I was thinking I should back it up to an SSD or "upgrade" it. But I might end up like the guy who sold his perfectly reliable 1956 vintage Westinghouse refrigerator, got a new one and had 50 service calls in the first 6 months.

    I was so impressed with the old WD drive, that I found a NOS WD drive of the same type, and backed up to that as I felt with that track record I could trust it.

    The computer it is in has been through two SMPS's and had the mobo re-capped over that 15 years. Apparently, WD went to the ends of the Earth with these drives to make them reliable, shock proof bearings even, and long lasting. So all that is "new" is not necessarily better. It reminds me of when audio CD's came out and the sales spiel said; the great thing about these, unlike vinyl records, is that they don't skip tracks.


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