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Thread: P112 SBC or ZETA SBC V2

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    Ha, here I was thinking about posting a thread, I should have known that there would be one already. I bought my EasyZ80 board from Sergey a few weeks ago, got the shopping list from Mouser (aside from the ADM693ANZ, they only sell 400pc lots and silly fool that I am, I went and bought it on ebay instead of looking for alternatives and it's on the slow boat. Should get here today) and put it all together in about three hours.

    I've got the N8 board and one of the Harlequin ZX clones to build next, does anyone have a pre-made mouser (or anywhere, really) shopping list for the N8? I've found most or all of it on ebay, but the turnaround time from China alone will mean it's next year before I can build either.

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    EasyZ80 is a treat to use, extremely easy and fun to build, works great first time I powered it on with nothing to troubleshoot really. I'm going to need to build an RC2014 IDE interface board next to host a CF-to-IDE interface. Its great that everything you'd need to have a full bank switching, ROMWBW in flash system, with dual serial ports and a full RC2014 expansion interface, fit on one small board amounting to around $90~ in parts (if you source everything from Mouser). Perfect little project, now I need to figure out a case for it.


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