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Thread: Vintage Commodore Poster

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    Default Vintage Commodore Poster

    I just want to get some opinions concerning the value of a poster like the one here.410_Poster_Commodore_Computers_Alice_in_Wonderland.jpg I'll be attending an auction this weekend where this one will be available. Thanks!

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    I think this poster is pretty cool. It would be interesting to see the date, if it has a year. Unfortunately, I don't know what Commodore posters go for but there aren't too many vintage posters I have been able to find.

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    retail $250, but you'd have to be patient to sell it for that much. The Apple posters are worth a lot more, also they're worth more if they're smaller and can be properly framed and hung in a den or office with limited space. Not everyone wants a large 24x36 poster.
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