3dfx Voodoo Retro Gaming DOS Computer:
Year: 1999-2000

On board:
- CPU: Intel Pentium III MMX - 500Mhz, Slot 1, SL37D,
- MOTHERBOARD: Acorp 6BX/VIA/ZX86, AGP, ISA, PCI, AT-form factor. AT-ATX power,
- RAM: 512 Mb (DIMM SDRAMM PC133), 2 x 256 Mb,
- HDD: 20.5 Gb IDE IBM DTLA-307020, 7200 rpm,
- VIDEO: SKYWELL 650-0043-01 Magic TwinPower 3dfx Voodoo Banshee 16mb VGA AGP,
- SOUND: Creative AWE 64, CT4520, ISA,
- LAN: D-Link, DFE-520TX, PCI,
- USB: NEC D720101F1, USB 2.0 controller, PCI,
- CD-R/RW: LG, GCE-8520B, Tested - ok,
- FDD: 3.5'', Tested - ok,
- POWER: ATX TrendSonic ATX-350, 350W, 230V-115V Button!
- CASE: the case is clean, dust free. No cracks, no bugs.
- OS: Windows 98 SE (ENG), All drivers installed! Native USB driver (Maximus Decim Native USB ver.3.3 - recognize USB flash Drives), Distributive and drivers on D: disk.
- GAMES: Unreal Tournament.
- Set: only PC, without Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse.

This retro computer is ideal for retro glide & DOS games 90-s!

Price: 490 $USD