It says the attachments are invalid. We are most interested in an edge connector list. There is a schematic in the printer manual for the board but it doesn't list the edge connector pinout,. We have disassembled the two 1302 chips but sadly the first chip has a stuck, high, bit4. I still need to get the disassembler to snuci but wanted to make a few enhancements since his data will have a blank 512 bytes between the last data of the second 1302 and the the 2K byte mask ROM. He has 1702s he can use for the first three EPROM. For the assembler, I need to makes similar changes to write out the 3 or 4 ROMs, he may decide to use. Right now it writes a single large file with no separations. We'd vary much like to see the original Prolog data. I was doing searches and found that it matched the description of the PLS-411, so assumed it would be the same. Without tracing wires I'm not sure about the two unpopulated RAM locations. It looks like to fill these would be a 4002-1 and a 4002-2.
We'd also be interested in any application data these may have been used for.