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Thread: apple II GS with CFFA setup questions with floppies

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    Well I messed a bit with that same hard drive image (6.0.1) in the gsport emulator and it has the same behavior of doing a reboot during the bootup of GSOS and sets my slots back to default from "your card". Maybe it is something with the HDD image I am using after all. Don't have a ton of time to mess with it now, but i will attempt to install the card back in slot 2 and use a different HDD image and see if I get my configuration to stick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowlytech View Post
    What ROM you have in your GS?
    It is a ROM 1

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    Well I haven't got to test it extensively, but the 6.0.4 is behaving much better than 6.0.1 with the CFFA in slot 2. I have connected the two real floppy drives and mounted virtual DSK files from slot 7 while keeping the smartport drives mounted. Done numerous reboots and it doesn't seem to affect the slot settings one bit. Right now it is looking like something was suspect with the 6.0.1 image.


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