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Thread: DEC Laser Printers

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    I was researching DEC Laser printers for another system and came upon the following:

    DECLASER 2100 Plus
    DECLASER 3200
    DECLASER 5100

    Are these printers just re-branded HP laser printers? If so what interface do they use to connect with the DEC server?

    My google searches don't come up with anything but toner and toner refill kits.

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    Well I found a 3200/3250 service guide here:-

    and it shows a DEC MMJ connector, and the manual also talks about a PPL and ANSI standard protocol, which I assume may be like VT100.
    So whilst the engine might have been bought in, it certainly wasn't a standard HP printer. In fact on the early lasers HP produced
    the print engine was third party any way.

    Certainly in the early days DEC made as much as possible in-house. Very little was bought in.

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