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Thread: VCF PNW 2019 is in two weeks!

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    Default VCF PNW 2019 is in two weeks!

    Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest 2019

    Come join us for some vintage computing fun on March 23rd and 24th at Living Computers:Museum+Labs in Seattle, Washington.

    Photo: Brendan Donahe

    Things to look forward to:

    • 30 Exhibits (up from 20 last year)
    • Six speakers including Joe Decuir, IEEE Fellow of Atari and Amiga fame
    • A consigment area for your treasure hunting needs
    • A venue that is a great place to visit, even when we are not there
    • The people: come meet and greet in real life!

    Exhibits include a VAX cluster, Atari home computers, local computer clubs, a simulated Cray supercomputer, The Macintosh Office, Wang calculators, SPARCs and SGIs, modern replicas, and many more.

    The event is free with paid museum admission. Full details can be found at


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    [Sounds of people feverishly assembling the final parts of their exhibits]
    = Excellent space heater

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    Hmm, I just realized that falls within Spring break for me. I wonder if I should go, it's like 1200 miles one way I think.


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