Retro Gaming DOS Computer:
Year: 1997

On board:
- CPU: Intel Pentium A80502166 - 166Mhz, Socket7, SY016,
- MOTHERBOARD: Acorp SL586VT-II, ISA, PCI, AT-form factor. AT power,
- RAM: 32 Mb (SIMM), 4 x 8 Mb,
- HDD: 2559 Mb, IDE Western Digital Caviar 32500,
- VIDEO: S3 VIRGE 4mb EDO memory 50 ns (Best, fastest choice for DOS games) VGA PCI,
- SOUND: ESS ES1868, ISA, Sound Blaster compliant, All drivers installed, Worked good!
- CD-R/RW: SONY, Tested - ok,
- FDD: 3.5'', Tested - ok,
- POWER: AT Power Master 230W, 230V!
- CASE: the case is clean, dust free. No cracks, no bugs.
- OS: Windows 95 (ENG), All drivers installed!, Distributive and drivers on D: disk.
- GAMES: Wolfenstein, DOOM, Quake...
- Set: only PC, without Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse.
Price: 290 $USD