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Thread: DEC Network Hardware

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    I have been looking up information on DEC networking hardware and am getting a little confused because of the name names that they use like DECrepeater etc..

    I see that the "DEChub" seems to be a mounting point(power and communications between modules) for other hardware like a DECswitch, DECrepeater, DECserver.

    In modern networking terms what are the following:


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    DEChub is indeed the mounting point for those products, but it also enables centralized management of these modules with the correct layered product, I'll need to recall which though.

    DECswitch is well a switch.

    DECserver is a terminal server.

    DECrepeater enables one to build out a LAN or interconnect other LANs, basically a repeater.

    Many of these can be managed with SNMP, including using something called DECagent which is essentially an SNMP management product.

    You can find the manuals for these here,

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