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Thread: PDP-11/34 and PDP-11/73

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    Default PDP-11/34 and PDP-11/73

    I am selling a PDP-11/34, as well as a PDP-11/73.
    The 73 contains an RL02, dual 80mb 8" Fujitsu hard disks, a tape drive, and KDJ11-A CPU.

    The 34 includes a Kennedy 9100 9 track drive, and has two UNIBUS backplanes. More will be posted about the 34 later.

    Please text me at *removed*. Please make an offer.

    Mod Note: Please do not post phone numbers and what not in the open forum, send it via PM if needed.

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    Items are located in Houston, TX. Local pickup only.

    The 11/34 contains a J-11 CPU, a second backplane, as well as two BA-11LE chassis with backplane as some kind of slave configuration to the main computer.
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    Are you providing shipping? Are these systems in a rack? If you are not providing shipping what are the dimensions of the system (rack if they are racked) also how much does each individual component/rack weigh?

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    The 34 has two custom multiprocessor bus backplanes, and uses a J-11 CPU. It is on two standard 6ft racks, each weighing over 300lbs.

    The 73 is also over 300lbs and is about 22x32x42 inches.
    Shipping is via freight of the buyer's choice. P_20190311_212706_vHDR_On.jpg

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    Do you know if these are functioning machines or are they untested?

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    The 73 CPU works. Everything else on that rack is untested. The 34 is completely untested. Please make an offer if you are interested.

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    The PDP-11/73 has been sold, along with the Fujitsu hard disks. The rack, RL02, and tape drive are still available

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