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Thread: dead Compaq Armada 4150T (2870E) ?

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    Default dead Compaq Armada 4150T (2870E) ?

    Hi, all

    It's been very long time since I've went here and very happy to see how rich are the activities Â… Well, I come to the facts.

    Two or tree years ago, I've rescued in a garage sale for less than 5 euros a very nice Compaq Armada 4150T with it's battery pack and the docking station but I've never managed to test the beast (what came without a power supply).

    I've decided to try it today and Â…. it won't do anything. I have no idea from where/what to try to have it running.

    My tests and results, so far : with a lab PSU at 18,5V to the power jack, it eats about 0,02 Amps for 10 seconds then all LEDs lights (except HDD activity) and it eats about 0,6 Amps without any action on the keyboard. No display, no beep, no HDD spinup.

    Same tests and results without the battery, without the HDD (only 0,5 Amps eaten) , and without the 2 RAMs.

    Any ideas welcome to go further. (I have a working Armada 1130T (2860F) at hands but I don't think that any parts are swappable)

    Regards - Hervé

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    Does not seem to turn on at all? Interesting, I have a Compaq Preserio 1277, and it is on its third motherboard where the original and first replacement did the same thing - just would not turn on at all. And I've heard about others doing similar.

    Just a wild guess, I suspect they may have capacitors that have failed in the power circuitry. Some other component going bad in such a way that it shorts might be possible but seems unlikely. The way they behaved though almost made me think there was something intentional in them to prevent them from working. Perhaps try heating or cooling the motherboard and see if it power up then?

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    Absolutely no sign of life, only LEDs over the keyboard that stay lit [and "Something" eating 0,5 amp from power input after a 10 seconds delay ]

    Failled capacitors, possible - It seems very difficult to remove completely the MB.
    ==> May be someone is having a service manual for it ?

    So far, I've been able to access to the "daugter board" (video ?), RAM, and HDD but did not figured out how it was possible to keyboard & screen.
    ==> I would try to power directly the MB.

    Temperature is a good idea - It was "cold" at my first try … then warm but it did not changed


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