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Thread: Unknown data connector! (please help!)

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    Exclamation Unknown data connector! (please help!)

    I found an old computer 5.25" tape drive made by archive corporation along with some tapes. I wanted to connect it to my windows 95 pc just for fun but I saw the connector on the back. I assumed the connector was a standard 5.25" floppy drive connector but it turns out it is some 50 pin connector that I've never in my life seen before.
    So of course I try to find what connector it is on the web and try to find a cable to buy. Unfortunately I can't find ANYTHING online.

    I have pictures below with the model number and connector. If someone can Tell me what this connector is called or if they can find something online about it.



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    It's appears to be an Archive 2150L QIC drive. I can't make out the number from your photo of the rear--it's too out-of-focus.

    The interface is QIC-02, which requires a special controller and software. It is not SCSI, as many eBay sellers would have you believe (that's the 2150S with a regular 50-pin Berg header)..

    There's information on If it's like most of the 2150 units that I've seen, the capstan has probably turned to goo, but can be repaired.

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