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Thread: PDP-11/34 and PDP-11/73

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    Default PDP-11/34 and PDP-11/73

    Just noticed this on for marketplace on here VCFED

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    Quote Originally Posted by PG31 View Post
    Just noticed this on for marketplace on here VCFED
    Maybe it is this system:

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    You are correct. Both the 34 and the 73 are on eBay also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattisLind View Post
    Seems likely to be the same system. Nice looking system, but starting bid is way too much for an untested system.
    Even too much for a fully tested system in my opinion. It is right down the road from me though as I am now
    living near Houston.

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    The 11/34 looks like a curious beast though, not very much like a conventional 11/34 at any rate. Not even a useable panel. It doesn’t really look a very useful collection of bits outside of its original environment though it might appeal to a specialist somewhere who knows something about the Atex systems. I don’t think I’d be attracted by a $6k starting bid myself though tbh shipping across the Atlantic makes it a nonstarter anyway.

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    You can make an offer on either item. Prices are negotiable.

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    It would make a great movie prop, especially being some of the terminals are with it. Don’t see how they addressed storage not seeing any drives but perhaps it that’s what’s missing from the bottom of the rack. As far as the front panel on the 34 so what, I have found that having the local keypad on the front is not all that useful and other then the wow factor of running a Unibus system with switches and lights once you progress to the stage of operating systems and software the ability of direct addressing memory, registers and ports is somewhat overrated. On something like an Omnibus where you were not running an operating system and just loading a program into memory or where you may want to look at a peripheral directly the switches and lights are fun but by the time you get into 16 bit systems intended to run complex software other then manually setting a boot address don’t see the value.
    Going to assume that was running RSX and some form of word processing software and maybe layout and composition software to talk to the system that did the printing?
    I would almost like to buy that being it’s a hard to find today example of a complete first generation newsroom system and maybe has some value being an example of early journalism automation.
    At the university we just did an upgrade of our Avid I News newsroom software that integrates with our Teleprompters, character generation systems and brings in things like our AP wire services, it also allows students to pull up video on I pads and do editing on them along with all our existing Media Composer workstations. Imagine that old system would be a lot more fun to work with and a lot less licensing and security concerns.

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    The hard disk was a Control Data 9766 300mb cartridge drive. I have access to the drive, and can add it to the bundle, but it weighs 560 lbs and is the size of a washing machine, so I did not pick it up initially. Is there a market for such a drive?

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    The CDC 9766 drive was used by DEC as well. Sold as RM05. Maybe someone has a RM05 and need a spare drive?


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