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Thread: IBM XT with CGA on a 5153 monitor.

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    Yes, it all looks ok. Double check to see what that looks like on your TFT screen on the composite link.

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    The test program, is probably like CGACAL, derived from a text screen.The Larry game no doubt uses a graphics screen(guessing)

    Actually, on a graphics screen, a CGA card can only do the very limited color set. But I did not know, when that was the case, that the composite output still has the 8 colors, which appears to be what you have discovered, that is an interesting finding.But I just checked the schematic and the subcarrier generator is controlled by the RGB signals, so it's a little mysterious why the TFT monitor image looks ok.

    So to get the 8 (and 8 intensified) color set for your Larry game, out to the 5153 monitor, it looks like you might possibly need an EGA card running in CGA mode (by setting the PCB switches on it). If it is the the IBM EGA card it would need the added memory module for the 8 colors, if something like a Video 7 EGA card it has enough memory already. Or was the early Larry game ok on the limited CGA color set ??
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    ....looking at the CGA card again, the available colors in graphics mode are Green red, brown, cyan magenta and white. But your TFT monitor I'm sure looks like it's producing a blue which in theory is not possible if it's in a graphics mode. So I'm not sure what is going on, maybe someone who knows the specifics of the game software will chime in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Holden View Post
    looks like it's producing a blue which in theory is not possible if it's in a graphics mode.
    In CGA 320x200 graphics mode the background can be set to any of the 15 colors (16 including black), which is often used to add another color to the game's graphics by allowing the background color to show through in some parts of the screen.


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