Just passing through, got some old CP/M era equipment.

3x North Star Advantage: one later revision with dual floppies, one early revision with 20mb HDD, and one early revision with 20mb HDD and 16-bit card. The later revision one is the only one running reliably enough for general use, but I'll be restoring the other two in due time.
2x Diablo 630 API printers.

And some software and documentation (Graphics CP/M, MS-DOS 1, Busigraph 2, WordStar, Microplan) , though I'm always looking for more! These things are thin on the ground.

I've recently written some serial interface software that will read and write Advantage disks without requiring a working boot disk first, since it seems to be a persistent problem that people come across these machines without any way to actually use them, and most of the North Star guys only have Horizons.

Good to be here, and if you know anyone who's interested in this machine or has software for it -- or where I should even post to ask -- let me know!