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Thread: DOS C++ IDE for 386SX

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    Default DOS C++ IDE for 386SX

    Hi Guys!

    What is the best DOS IDE for C++?
    I remember I used Borland C++ 3.1 but looks like it doesn't support STL and people complain it doesn't produce exe which can be run on modern Windows.

    It there any modern DOS C++ IDE or old one which supports most fresh C++?

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    Check out the development tools available with FreeDOS:

    I would think Open Watcom would be about the most up-to-date DOS targeted C++ compiler:

    I don't think these have a DOS based IDE available but there are some nice text editors with programming features.

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    Back in my college days, we used DJGPP, and RHIDE. While RHIDE is still around, it looks like SETEdit might be a better alternative.
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