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Thread: DTK PII-151B jumpers

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    Default DTK PII-151B jumpers

    Got this card for 1.44/1.2mb drive compatibility on my PC XT.

    Been trying different jumper settings, didn’t exactly work.

    So my desired setup is A: for the 5.25 1.2, and B: for the 3.5

    I mostly don’t understand the data rate settings, but I’d really appreciate a full layout of how all jumpers are sipposed to be.

    I have the proper cable with the twisted pair. I assume the 5.25 would be placed first on the canle and then the 3.5 on the end after the twist?

    I could also use some help with the jumpers on the floppies themselves. My 1.44 drive is a Sony MPF 420-1
    Heres the jumper diagram for this which is even harder to digest than the DTK one.

    My 5.25 is a Teac FD55GFR

    Thanks in advance.
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    Looking For:
    IBM PS/2 8595 Motherboard
    MCA sound card (will pay big bucks)
    IBM PC Server 720/others


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