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Thread: DTK PII-151B jumpers

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    Default DTK PII-151B jumpers

    Got this card for 1.44/1.2mb drive compatibility on my PC XT.

    Been trying different jumper settings, didn’t exactly work.

    So my desired setup is A: for the 5.25 1.2, and B: for the 3.5

    I mostly don’t understand the data rate settings, but I’d really appreciate a full layout of how all jumpers are sipposed to be.

    I have the proper cable with the twisted pair. I assume the 5.25 would be placed first on the canle and then the 3.5 on the end after the twist?

    I could also use some help with the jumpers on the floppies themselves. My 1.44 drive is a Sony MPF 420-1
    Heres the jumper diagram for this which is even harder to digest than the DTK one.

    My 5.25 is a Teac FD55GFR

    Thanks in advance.
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    Looking For:
    IBM PS/2 8595 Motherboard
    MCA sound card (will pay big bucks)
    IBM PC Server 720/others

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    Drive A: goes on the end of the cable, after the twist. B: goes before the twist. Both of the drives need to be jumpered as the second drive; it's the cable twist that switches the drive at the end of the cable to be the first drive.

    Looks like the jumper table for drive capacity is garbled. I think A: is set by JP3/A and JP3/B, and B: is set by JP3/C and JP3/D. So for A: at 1.2 and B: at 1.44 you want JP3/ABCD set to: CLOSED/OPEN/OPEN/OPEN.

    You want JP5 set to CLOSED to enable the BIOS. Set JP4/ABCD to a known available address for the ROM; or try each in turn to find one that works.

    I'm not sure about the JP2 precompensation jumper; I'd start with pin 2-3 closed.

    As for the drives themselves: usually drives are default configured to be the second drive, unless somebody has messed with the jumpers.

    For the Sony, your picture just shows the pin layout. You're missing the important part: the map of default jumper positions on those pins. Here it is:


    I found this in a few seconds on the interwebs via google-fu. I believe it's the top jumper (connecting pin 15 to pin 10) that sets the Drive Select to be the second drive.


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