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Thread: Setting up Tandy 4025LX with Xenix for VCF-SE

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    Default Setting up Tandy 4025LX with Xenix for VCF-SE

    Being that VCF-SE next month is focused on UNIX, I decided to load an old system with Xenix. I got ahold of a nice old Tandy 4025LX (386, 16MB RAM, SCSI, network) and am going to try to load Xenix on it (2.3.4H 386GT from Also got an older Tandy 25-4031 4 port serial board (which is probably Xenix Only) and will see if those tty's show up.

    I found the development software in this thread: (thanks!!)

    I'm looking to hook up a couple terminals to this and besides doing stuff like "write" and such.. are there any interesting multi-user programs I can load into the system?

    Edit: To get that Tandy serial 4-port (25-4031) in the thing to work with Xenix, I need a Tandy Xenix Driver disk, 700-1502. If anyone has it, it'd be much appreciated.
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    Presuming you can swing the serial issues, there is a good archive over at that Bay that has a large number of applications. You could have Word on one terminal, FoxPro on another, Multiplan in a third. If your mouse is more friendly with the system than mine usually were, there are MGR window manager binaries floating around for a VGA console. When it works right, that's actually pretty nifty - it made an old 386 laptop into quite the workstation once upon a lifetime ago.


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