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Oddly, I have a crt rejuvenator - not had cause to use it so far though. About a year ago I was walking past the TV repair shop in Burnley. I saw a 'thing' that caught my eye on a shelf inside. I have an eye for old test equipment. Went inside and had a look - I had seen rejuvenators on youtube so I knew what it was. The guy wanted 20 for it - just getting rid of old test kit, not much use in the LCD era!

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A bit wasted on me, I have 4 vintage computers, two of which have CRTs one mono and one color!

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Nice case.... I just bought that exact same one at VCF PCNW from consignment, but mine is in a plastic case. I have heard that rejuvenation won’t work on trinitron TVs but on just about everything else except late 90’s TVs. The testing part does work on the trinitron and we used one to tune a Sony TV’s color at one of the VCF workshops sine it pointed out which “gun” was weak in the TV.