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Thread: Arduino keyboard emulator host wiring.

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    I guess it is back to experimenting. With your arduino, you can play with different delays to see how late from an edge of a Xn transition you get the intended letter to the next letter. Who knows, it might be a reasonable delay of several 10's of microseconds.

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    My hookup, er, hooks arrived so I have an old-skool means of connecting up the arduino to try and sample what's going on. Happily I was chatting to the designer again today and he's asked for our current theories as to how it works to see if it jogs any memories so I've sent him the schematics over will a full explanation - UK home computer history
    Where RIFA capacitors come to die

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    If you upload the image to your photo gallery on vcfed and then look at the uploaded photo, right click and copy the link address - you can add the link to your post for higher resolution.

    I like to go to Advanced editing mode while creating a post and insert the image link between IMG tags for a good sized image in the post itself.

    example: [IMG] link [/IMG] with no spaces between the tags and the link


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    Apologies folks, I haven't forgotten about this, I've been sorting exhibits for a Japanese Festival this coming weekend and helping a very kind volunteer map out a replacement PCB so he can practice more in KiCAD. - UK home computer history
    Where RIFA capacitors come to die


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