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Thread: Documenting/repairing the Prototype Compaq LTE 386s/20

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    Quote Originally Posted by compaqportableplus View Post
    Anyone else find these prototypes to be interesting?
    Yes, the compaq 386's are very interesting even more so the protoype, even more rare. That model is the one that replaced the larger 286/386 portable and just before the smaller compaq LTE 386's were produced. The plastics fail around the hinges very quickly on the LTE and LITE models also. a few show up on eBay now and again with the hinges completely missing.

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    Harryg, I just now saw your post. I would recommend either making a thread in the marketplace on this forum or putting it on eBay if you want to sell it. As for the power supply not working, it’s hard to say 100%. It could be bad electrolytic capacitors. That’d be my first assumption. Hard to say without physically having it in front of me.

    rimmeruk, thanks! I still cannot believe I found these. Yes, the hinges on these do break often. As with many early notebooks, the hinge mounts just can’t handle the stress of the hinges for very long before failing. Would be great if we could 3D print some new rear display housings, which would fix the problem. They probably wouldn’t look 100% like the original, but they would be structurally sound at least.
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    Yeah, it's easy enough to 3D print broken plastic parts nowadays. I've printed memory covers, power buttons and all sorts. Don't look pretty but a little paint does make things look more authentic. I've been looking into the hinge problem as it plagues much of my laptop collection. For the moment I use a 2-part epoxy glue for the plastic parts and then sand paper to give a smooth finish. Fiber glass is good for large broken cases as well as vehicle body filler for cosmetic repairs.

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