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Thread: GRID / GRIDCASE 1520 need setup and info

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    Default GRID / GRIDCASE 1520 need setup and info


    I'm a new owner of a GRID 1520 and of course the battery in the DS1287A RTC chip that holds the setup info has died (probably a long time ago). So I need to get my hands on the setup utility to reconfigure the options, but there seems to be a vacuum of information online about these systems.

    I have found a few programs scattered about the 'net, but most of them don't seem to do anything when they run (they hang or just return doing nothing). The one program that did seem to work asks all the right questions, but it does not seem to write the information correctly (all the options are reset when I reboot).

    Is there a secret trove of info and/or utility programs for these computers somewhere? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't recall my LCD 1520 having a Dallas chip, just a 3.6v cell.
    I ahve diskettes here but I don't know if they would work with a Dallas RTC model.
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    Maybe you've already seen this but it's what I've got:

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