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Thread: Does anyone have a Vintage Toshiba Accessories Catalog?

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    Default Does anyone have a Vintage Toshiba Accessories Catalog?

    I am looking the following Toshiba Utilities catalog:

    Toshiba Accessories Catalog - Fall 1998
    Toshiba Accessories Catalog - Spring 1999
    Toshiba Accessories Catalog - Fall 1999

    If anyone who have managed to keep those books I am interested. The books usually came with the computer when new. Most of the time, Toshiba would send them in the mail either in the Spring or Fall season to show off their new products. I can't find them anywhere on the net. I am hoping that someone here might have kept them in storage as most folks would have thrown them away. I have the Spring 1998 catalog. But I need the Fall 1998 or Spring 1999 edition.

    The thing about the vintage toshiba of the late 1990's is that most users do not save any of the paperwork.They are a wealth of information of a time when Toshiba was king of the notebook computers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthfury78 View Post
    I have the Spring 1998 catalog.
    If you scan it, I will add it to the Toshiba laptop information at [here].


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