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Thread: eMac Won't Boot

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    Default eMac Won't Boot

    Hi all! I have some old eMacs in my possession that won't turn on. They fall in the serial number range mentioned at this link:
    Both my serial numbers begin with G8520.

    Anybody know the design flaw that made these eMacs die? I am looking at doing some on board component repair to try and save them. Would a recap be enough?

    In addition, I found this suspicious looking inductor on the board of BOTH of the eMacs in question (circled in red.) Looks like it has some blemishes. Could this be a sign of failure? If so, what should I replace it with?

    Before you chime in, keep in mind that I have tried ALL the basic troubleshooting steps like installing a fresh battery and pressing the reset button on the board, tried booting with one stick, etc. Since Apple offered a warranty replacement plan, I am dead sure that this is a design flaw and involves on-board component replacement. Unfortunately, Apple in their usual infinite wisdom does not go into the details of their screw-up...

    Thanks for any help. Looking forward to what the community has to offer.

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    When you say won't turn on; when you press the power button, there is no response, or the computer hums/fan on with no chime? If there is no response period, I suspect it is a power supply failure.

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    There is no response at all. Does the inductor in the photo I sent look ok?

    If it is the power supply, I don't see any popped capacitors or damaged components on it. What might have failed?

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    Going from the traces on the board, that inductor is for the firewire ports, which would have little to do with the system not powering up.

    You can test an inductor for continuity, but testing if it has the correct henry value requires more complicated equipment, assuming the inductor value is known.

    What you have pictured is just a tiny portion of the main logic board, we won't be able to deduce anything from that, you'll need to take a picture of the entire power supply board, which is not what's pictured.

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    Thanks for the input. I'll dig down to the power supply board and upload a photo in the next few days.

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