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Thread: Microvitec Cub 653 Monitor (Type 1456 Li2) - Pinout

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    Default Microvitec Cub 653 Monitor (Type 1456 Li2) - Pinout

    Hi everybody,

    I have here a British made Microvitec Cub 653 Monitor (Type 1456 Li2) with a 7 pin DIN connector at the back and I have no idea what signal could be used as input or what the pinout might be.

    Could anybody help?

    I know that there are many different inputs are supported for the CUB 653 series (analogue RGB, TTL, BAS,...) which is reflected by the Type number.

    Thanks a lot and best regards

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    My immediate thought was 'BBC Micro', but apparently there were non-Beeb models sold by Microvitec. This advert suggests your model was for an IBM PC (see the selection chart on page two of the PDF). It has the same type code as the Apple II model but with a different colour ROM, which suggests 4-bit (RGBI) TTL input, i.e. CGA.

    The service manual doesn't give the exact pinout for the DIN connector, but if you're comfortable opening up the case you can trace the wires to the main board where the manual lists the positions for TTL and analogue RGB and sync.

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    It's a TTL RGB connection as standard - designed really for the BBC range of computers. I don't have access to the pinout right now, but can probably find it - just look for a BBC Model B / Master 128 monitor connection.

    However, you can convert them to analogue 15KHz RGB really quite easily - I did one years ago and used it as an arcade/NeoGeo monitor.

    CUB Analogue RGB Conversion.pdf


    Hopefully that will help you out.

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    Microvitec are still in business in the UK -

    My first suggestion would be to contact them...


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    Thanks a lot. Analogue RGB is now working if composite sync is available. In this case, the signal was directly fed to the monitor's main board (not using the small interface PCB). Video source was an Amiga in this case, giving a crisp and clear image.

    I tried then to adapt a Royal/TA Alphatronic PC with TTL video. I get a decent picture, but the colors are totally wrong. The intensity input of the monitor was put in GND, as the Alphatronic does not have an intensity output.

    Using an IBM XT compatible with CGA output gives no picture at all.

    Does anybody have an idea whats wrong here? Can anybody give an advice if the jumpers of the PL103 link block are set correctly for TTL operation? Whats the purpose of the analogue input board?

    Best regards
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