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Thread: Free Kaypro ll and Kaypro 4

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    Default Free Kaypro ll and Kaypro 4

    I have a Kaypro ll, a Kaypro 4, a stack of manuals nearly two feet high and maybe 50 or more floppy disks which I would like to avoid sending to a landfill. Both appear to be in great condition as far as can be told by a visual inspection. They were both working thirty some years ago when I put them in storage. Today when I took them out of storage I expected them to both work fine. Such was not the case. When I tried to boot up the Kaypro 4 the message on the screen read “Please insert a diskette into drive A’’, but drive A as well as drive B already had disks in them which I could not remove. When I tried to boot the Kaypro ll I got the same message. Both drives in the Kaypro ll had disks in them which could be removed but replacing them with other disks made no difference.

    Everything mentioned above is free (except shipping charges) to a good home. I live in Indiana, Pennsylvania (about 50 miles south west of Pittsburgh) if you would be interested in picking them up.

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    Kaypros have been claimed. Thank you for your consideration.


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