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Thread: Newbie needs help with old chips and more

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    Default Newbie needs help with old chips and more


    I just joined you-all because I have a bunch of *STUFF* that I need help getting rid of. I worked in Edu. Technology, and often had more $$ than sense.

    My collection of stuff includes core memory planes, chip wafers, punch cards, disk packs, and more (more foolish purchases). Ha!

    I hope you can help me determine what to sell and what to toss! (My wife is ready to toss it all!) I have an Ebay account, and a trashcan out back.

    Let me know if this is the place to post things like this or if there is another forum.

    Forging bravely ahead among strangers, I offer this first list:

    Intel C2708 Gold and White chips. (5)
    A) Also marked: 530A5 0712 IN-412-004
    B) Also marked: 8B(8?)48I INTEL '75
    C) Also marked: 58265 INTEL '75
    D) Also marked: 248A6
    E) Also marked: 437A0

    Thanks for your time,

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    Unless the 2708 (1Kx8) EPROMs have some valuable code, they're ordinary 3-rail power supply 1KB EPROMs. It does require an older programmer for these--and many who aren't interested in the "authentic" aspect will simply use higher-capacity single-supply JEDEC-pinned EPROMs.

    But for the "authentic" folks you might get some traffic.

    Any idea what they were from?

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    The 2708s do have some collector value but not a hole lot. Look on ebay in the sold listing with a search. Ignore any ongoing sales or any that except offers, even in the sold section.
    With that you can see the range. For me, the would have value as EPROMs but not enough to justify shipping. If you should determine they are not worth the trouble to list, post again and I'm sure there is someone near you that would take them.
    As Chuck said, some of the older ones contain software that may be worth recovering. I'm still looking for code for the I4004 that would be on 1702As. The code was written by Tom Pitman ( he no longer has it ). It would have been released by Intel as a 4 EPROM set with the labels A0740, A0741, A0742 and A0743. I've gotten good results from A0740 to A0742 but the copy of A0743 has little from bit rot. Such a 1702A would be most desired. I cringe when I see labeled EPROMs being erase for sale on ebay. Someplace out there is the code. Most likely sitting in someones collection of 1702As. 1702A had limited use since 2708s and 2716s were quick to follow.


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