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Thread: "vcfed" equivalent for arcade machines?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey View Post
    Arcade1up has been selling 2/3 scale arcade games for a while now. Walmart is one of the distributors. They (Walmart) offers the Asteroids version for $199. Given it also comes with Tempest, Lunar Lander, and Major Havoc it's not a bad deal.

    Some purists complain that the cabs are only 4' high, but the company offers a riser for $40 that makes it playable standing up, or you can build one of your own.
    those fake garbage cabs are just running linux + mame (and some other commercial emulators like MOO). defeats the entire purpose of collecting original PCB's.

    why pay 200$ to play mame you can play mame on your pc for free..

    now 200$ for an original major havoc pcb set... thats a bargain!

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    I guess it depends on your goals, like running a PC game under DOSBox instead of period-correct equipment. For some folks that's good enough while others insist on the whole vintage "experience."

    Not a huge arcade gamer myself aside from Asteroids, and original equipment is far out of my financial reach. If I had the money I might look at the $200 Asteroids cabinet since it's new & working. Actually one of these days I'll find that old copy of Arcade for Windows and put it on one of my Win98SE systems. I've scored a couple of 4:3 19" Dell monitors so that should provide a nice screen to play on. Win7, of course, won't run Arcade since it's 16-bit code.


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