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Thread: No-Gotek for me today

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    It's also possible there are deeper issues then the Gotek. My Atari ST started failing miserably no matter how I hooked up the Gotek. Sometimes it would work great, the next boot it would fail. In my case, its rooted in something much deeper than the gotek and seems to be centered around an issue with it's MMU. Hooking up a gotek causes it to fail, but it's not the Gotek that's the issue but rather the activity that occurs when using a gotek to load disks. If I had a working drive and disks, I'm sure i'd be having similar issues as well.
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    I can give it a try next time, but it's not like that's a practical workaround (at least for most people). There's no reset button on the panel.

    I guess one can be added, but a proper fix would be much better.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Elvey View Post
    Try hitting the reset on the gotek after windows starts.
    Auf wiedersehen, schweinhund!

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    The obnoxious thing! I sat down, logic probe in hand, to read the state of the lines at power-up, and now I cant get it to error. It's behaving like a double slit quantum eraser or some crap.
    Auf wiedersehen, schweinhund!


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