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Thread: Victor 9000 Video Pinout / Specs?

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    Default Victor 9000 Video Pinout / Specs?

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a couple of Victor 9000 machines which I picked up without keyboards or monitors. I was lucky enough to snag two keyboards from eBay, but no luck on the monitor. I know it runs a 640x400 mode, but I cannot find any specs on the clock rate, or scan rate. I can't even find the pinout, which I learned the hard way, is non-standard and would seem to be supplying power on at least one pin! Not sure which pins, but I know my MCE2VGA got a new hole in the top of the FPGA after seeing what it would do with the victor! I highly recommend not doing that.

    Thanks so much!

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    PDF page 41 here for pinout.

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    Good lord, I looked and missed this somehow on the same site as last time too! Sorry for being lame again, I dug for the service manual but neglected to look for the Sirius. Thanks Chuck, I really do appreciate it.

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    Hi Kevin,
    Keep us all informed of your results. I too have a Sirius without monitor and am looking for an alternative solution to buy or build.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Williams View Post
    I know it runs a 640x400 mode...
    800 x 400 pixel resolution, that is what made it stand out at the time


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