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Thread: Real Life Jobs

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    Just signed on at the local post office a couple of months ago -- my first job which'll actually give me a shot at supporting myself. It's been going deceptively smoothly, though this is a small town so hours were short to start until earlier this month. Nothing too shabby, and hey, the world needs mailmen. Besides, given the thirty year old LLVs this means I've arguably branched out into vintage cars.

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    Lead QA Automation engineer. Working in IT certainly hasn't dampened my interest in vintage computing -- if anything, it has strengthened it, since it keeps me very much aware of the contrast between what computing used to mean and what it means today.

    I suppose I'm somewhat lucky in that the work I do, and the product we sell, has a real and intrinsic value for our customers. There are large swathes of the IT industry (including the biggest names out there) where I couldn't work if I wanted to keep my self-respect. :: :: :: blog


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