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Thread: WANTED: TeleVideo Personal Terminal 18A Manuals

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    Default WANTED: TeleVideo Personal Terminal 18A Manuals

    I am looking for a user and/or service manual for a TeleVideo Personal Terminal 18A. I would prefer originals, but would be happy with printed reproductions, or digital copies. Thank you for you help and consideration in advance.

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    Which is the 18A? I have some pages from the PT manual about the escape codes. Its basically a sub-set of the normal TVT codes, but there was also a PTVT that understood the VT100 codes.

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    I am making an assumption that the model number is the first part of the serial number tag on it.


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    Hi Dave,

    18A was the first part of the serial number sticker. I assumed it was the model number portion. It is the Personal Terminal version. The badge on the front does not have the VT100 label. I did some searches and found the escape codes scans that you posted. Thank you so much! I don't know where I have misplaced the manual and the Televideo site is just a placeholder now so you can't download documentation anymore.

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