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Thread: PET 64K add-on board make by Paradox INC

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    Default PET 64K add-on board make by Paradox INC


    I have a 64k addon board made by Paradox Inc for the Commodore PET and wondered if anyone has come across it (I have spoken with JonB who also has one but with no documentation sadly) ?

    I ran the 8296 diagnostic program which told me I have a few bad ram chips (bits 1 & 3) which I replaced and re-ran with no errors.

    I then ran the board with my Supersoft HR40 hi res graphics programs and it worked fine.

    This told me it works like the commodore supplied board though with a few exceptions.

    The notable one being the extra ROM sockets which are either for paged ROMs or SRAM chips. When I plug in an eprom the memory space $9000-$afff is just filled with $FF’s.

    A photo is below and if anyone knows of this product I would be grateful hearing from you.


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