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Thread: Modular, data driven text adventure written in BASICA/MBASIC - available source code

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    Default Modular, data driven text adventure written in BASICA/MBASIC - available source code

    Just in case someone is interested in looking for an example/getting source code of a text adventure game, which is written in BASICA/MBASIC, please feel free to look for more infos/visit my blog .
    It was created as an example how to write a parser for commands, for a modular program and what can be done to code the game play of an adventure just in DATA lines, to demonstrate this is even possible in an old programming language.

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    As much as I dislike BASIC, there's not much that you can't do with it, given enough determination.

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    My recollection from DEC PDP-10 Colossal Cave FORTRAN porting, is that the game was largely a bunch of data files (e.g. travel tables, etc.).

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    The Scott Adams games are entirely table driven, although apart from a very early adventtureland the interpreter ended up in asm. It still has some basic hangovers though like squashing everything into 16 bit values rather than using bytes and using odd multipliers (like 150) for coding two things into a word. Quite a few other systems followed the same basic design but with more sophisticated design in part because the Scott Adams system was published in various ways including a full listing of the BASIC version of Pirate

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