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Thread: Wanted: 5.25" floppy drive and controller card for PDP-11/23+

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    Default Wanted: 5.25" floppy drive and controller card for PDP-11/23+

    I have a PDP-11/23+ with two RL02's in a corporate cabinet but no floppy drives. Also an RXV21 (M8029) card.

    My PDP-8/A has RX01 drives, and I was hoping just to run the cable over to the -11 when I wanted to use floppies on it. But after some searching, it appears that the RXV21 will only work with an RX02 drive...

    So, I'm looking for an RQDXn card, preferably a 3, to add a 5.25" floppy drive instead. Need the drive too.
    Several controllers on ebay now but they seem awfully pricey, especially as they may or may not be working.
    Anyone got a card and drive they don't need?

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    Unless I assemble things piecemeal via ebay or other, the best offer I have so far for an RQDX3, breakout card, and a new TEAC drive is $200. Still have to make my own cables. Sounds a bit steep but then I know all the pieces will work...

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    $200 only? I would go for it, if it is a trustable source.

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    I would say $200 is a good deal. I have the same setup and payed way more for the three parts separately


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