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Thread: Tektronix x11 terminal, model xp217c

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    Default Tektronix x11 terminal, model xp217c

    For sale Tektronix XP217

    System RAM: 32MByte
    keyboard and mouse: common PS/2 (not included)
    Video Out: common VGA
    Firmware: TekXpress v7 (original CD included, very rare)
    PSU: +5/+12V, 100-240VAC (included original PSU)

    More interesting details
    System Specifications
    CPU: LR33020MC 25Mhz (No MMU or FPU)
    RAM: 4Mb, upgradeable with standard SIMMs
    1x Ethernet Port (BNC and UTP). Uses a SONIC DP83934 chip.
    2x Serial Ports
    PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse ports
    1x Standard 15pin VGA port. TLC34076-135FN chip.
    Can be expanded with a parallel port, "sound card" and two PCMCIA slots.

    It's located in Italy. I will worldwide ship by UPS.
    I am asking 200 euro + S/H

    Feel free to contact me by email, PM, or by leaving a messaged to this board (it's the best solution to contact me)


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    just for my curiosity: has anyone ever played with TekXpress v8.0 or above (on xp4xx terminals)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivelegacy View Post
    Firmware: TekXpress v7 (original CD included, very rare)
    Can you make a .ISO image of the CD? I'm happy to compensate you for your time via paypal.


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