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Thread: Where would a PDP 11 or 8 be used when it was still relevant

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    Quote Originally Posted by wa2flq View Post
    Marquette Electronics sold systems that used 11's for ECG/EKG acquisition (from mobile carts), storage and interpretation. It was called MUSE and the current version is sold by GE Healthcare.

    It that the one you have?
    That is exactly what I have!

    Pictures here:

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    Oh i also remember when i worked in a finance company, we had one for making credit cards. It ran three card embosser/encoders and a line printer.

    The embosser/encoders were like something out of a heath robinson cartoon. They had two sends of embossing dies, one large for the big numbers and one small for the rest. They looked like old fashioned engineers letter punches. They also had a roll of silver foil that was called "tipping" and put the silver over the embossed letters. The line printer printed "card carriers" which were the delivery letters with slots where the cards were placed for posting.

    A separate machine took the finished cards and inserted them into the carriers. It also checked the card number stamped on the front of the card matched the one on the magnetic sttripe... (no chip in those days).

    As you can expect the system was temperamental, but also lived in a high security environment. What fun, what joy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DougSnyder View Post
    At Atari Games in the late 70s and early 80s, we used an 11/20 to run a 6502 cross assembler for game development. Programmers submitted a marked up listing to the computer operator and in return received a paper tape that was loaded into a custom 6502 development box.


    Do you happen to remember an 11/35 being used too? I remember reading about one some time ago here:
    (I now happen to be the present owner of it)

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