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Thread: XT boot problem after 1701 error w/ WD mfm controllers

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    You didn't perhaps create the boot floppy on a 1.2MB drive, did you? Disks created in this manner can be extremely sensitive to the drive trying to read them.

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    So the plot thickens ... then ends:

    I made a diskcopy of the bad disk and it also had the 1701 boot problem, so I made an image file of the disk and when I tried to upload the image file, windows defender completely blocked that file and detected it as containing the "DOS/Stoned" virus. So, I think that answers the mystery of this problem.

    I looked at the disk image file using debug and it sure does appear to contain the virus. According to the code listing I found, the boot loader matches byte for byte. The funny part is that I've been using this disk as my main boot disk for quite a while now and basically used it to format all my hard drives, etc. I've never seen the "stoned" message appear ever, so perhaps this is a possible variant or neutered version. I'm fairly certain I know which computer it originated from, but now I have to check all my media

    So no boot after 1701 error if you have the stoned virus on your boot disk. Weird haha

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    I just want to share my old antivirus program I've created sometime like 20 years ago. It was kind of useful back those old days in our university since during those times, DOS viruses proliferation were very high. VCheck detects around 200+ of the most common viruses found in my country back then. This is the last unreleased beta in 2005.



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