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Thread: Maker4D the RPG Game Maker Engine

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    2019, may 5.
    -Fixed a bug causing GDI overallocation and crash under older versions of Windows.
    -The animation system now runs loosely on objects far away, resulting an extra 10% performance.
    -If FPS falls below 7, the engine halfs down the 3D rendering resolution.
    -The engine is now runs sort of fluid even on stronger Pentium1 computers and older Android 4 based phones.

    Maker4D optimization for 5x86 class computers is finished for now.
    The engine became sort of playable on Socket7 CPU-s fater than 200 MHz, including Cyrix, AMD and Intel cpu-s.

    Updated download packages are updated on the site, enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geri View Post
    8000 where i measure it, but depending on the map it can be about 4000 to 20000
    That's far too many for how basic the scene is in your screenshots. I'd suggest working on adding hidden surface removal and simplifying both character and world geometry.

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    each character is 3500-ish polygon, shadow is about half of it (1750) i dont know if i could bring this down even more. the algo that generates these characters simplifies the geometry where it can in a postprocess pass, i dont know if could optimize this even more, althrough if i could, that would give additional boost. but good idea, i will check the code, maybe my mesh optimization lacks some trivial cases

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    Lets see whats up.
    I didnt optimized anything in the graphics engine since the last posts.
    Ok, well, i did tried a few things, but didnt improved the speed so i wasnt come up with anything that i coud kept in the code.

    However, i had a chance to compare Maker4D to Final Fantasy 7 battle system, approximately under the same circumistances.
    Final Fantasy 7 battle system is prety much similar to this, enemy number can vary, have same menu system and healthbars, etc.
    As Final Fantasy 7 supports software rendering, it was an obvious test to do.

    I used the same Cyrix 6x86MX 250MHz config to compare the speed.

    Final Fantasy 7 battle demo was around 0.5 fps, and in comparison, Maker4D battle system was able to push frame rates above 1 fps.

    I am very suprised by this fact, as Final Fantasy 7 is from like 1997 so i assumed they have optimized the renderer for this class of comptuers much much better. (Or maybe it just uses FPU very agressively, thats why its so crappy on the Cyrix, compared to mine which does not uses fpu that much)

    I was also tested the Maker on a VIA 666mhz C3 cpu too, and it was totally playable, very quick teleportation bethwen scenes,

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    I am proud to annouce the release of ARM V5 and ARM V7 ports of Maker4D (for Linux).
    There is no performance upgrade for now, only some minor bugfix and the release for this two new platforms.

    2019, oct 20.
    -ARM v5 and ARM v7 ports for Linux has been finished.
    -The engine now should work on Raspberry PI microcomputers, and on Wondermedia smartbooks too.
    -Fixed a rendering glitch with 16 bpp display modes on Linux.
    -Fixed a rendering bug with non-standard frame buffer bitmasks on Linux.


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