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Thread: Exorciser type boards, where do I get the slots

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    Default Exorciser type boards, where do I get the slots

    I'm a little unhappy on losing a bid on 11 CMS boards (6809/ Exorciser type boards). Well I didn't want to spend that much money (okay I'm cheap ). But I did find an EPROM Emulator so I can now write a rom monitor the for boards I do have. While I'm at it where can I find the EXORciser type of slots (86 pin?). I have a few but I need another set (2 6809 CPUs).

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    They are on on eBay, but expensive. They are much cheaper in volume. I need some also. Are you interested in going in on a big lot of them, and we can split them up?

    And, sorry, I got that auction: I am already working on reverse engineering it.

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    The 86 pin card edge slots are available on eBay, but run about $8 each. They are MUCH cheaper in volume. I need some too, if you want to go in on an order with me.

    And sorry, I got that auction. I had been looking for a 'Motorola Micromodule 17' and 11 for the price of 1 was too good of a deal to pass up. Do you have any documentation or information on the boards? I am documenting my reverse engineering efforts on my blog.


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