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    Last weekend I made an unannounced visit out to Roswell, GA to visit our brothers-and-sisters-in-hoarding at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast. They were hosted by the new location of the Computer Museum of America, not yet open to the public. The show was a solid representation of the hobby, with a wide range of micros, minis and workstations as well as a few calculators and computing ephemera. On the museum side, I've never seen so many Crays in once place - and they're not even done yet!

    Here is my photo set: (contains computers, computer collectors and one giant rabbit)

    Big thanks to Earl and the gang for putting on another great VCF and showing me that southern hospitality.

    And...more VCF Midwest news coming soon!

    Stuff I'm selling right now:

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    Mmmm.... Love that CM-2!


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