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Thread: My first Unix machine: HP Apollo 400T

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    I wonder if the RISC-upgraded 400 series can run NeXTSTEP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
    I wonder if the RISC-upgraded 400 series can run NeXTSTEP?
    According to the page ClassicHasClass linked to earlier, a HP 9000/715 can indeed run NeXTStep, along with HP-UX (of course), Linux, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. A HP Apollo desktop with the same class of motherboard installed should be able to run it as well. I have yet to power it up to see exactly what (if anything) it has installed. Can a VGA cable with five BNC connectors on the other end be adapted to work with the three on the back of my HP 2089-66530 video/sound card?

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    It won't hurt anything, assuming your monitor doesn't mind the frequency (my NEC 23" flat panel was just fine). You'll only need the R, G and B lines because the video is sync-on-green.

    The /712 can definitely run NeXTSTEP. I don't see any reason why the /715, which this is effectively, couldn't. There's much less love for PA-RISC NeXTSTEP but that's an excellent reason to try it IMHO.

    To your other questions:

    How common were these upgrades, and what does it mean for the potential usability (such as it might be) of this machine vs. a standard 400t? Was there much of 'Apollo' actually left in these PA-RISC machines? Guessing this means running Domain/OS is right out..........
    No idea how common. They're known, but yours is exactly the second such machine I've encountered personally. They are essentially PA-RISC all the way; the only Apollo bits left is the case and form factor, so no Domain/OS, which is sad.

    Dunno about the SPKR port. Never tried myself, but again, won't hurt anything.
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