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Thread: Commodore Retro eXpo (CRX) 2019 - August 24th-26th

  1. Default Commodore Retro eXpo (CRX) 2019 - August 23rd-25th

    Come to the largest Commodore related event in the world in Las Vegas, Nevada. With more than 7,300 square feet of space for exhibitors and attendees!

    This year's theme is "retro-emulation", and there will be emulation systems of the Commodore line along with emulators running on the Commodore line!

    We will have hardware workshops where people can build a variety of projects, and take them home! Open to the public. No admission charge.

    For more information on this great event, see the event website:

    Jim Drew, CBMSTUFF.COM
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    Although I edited the header for the correct date, it is still showing 24th-26th. I should be 23rd-25th!


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